AM-2340F Gi-Metal Perforated Pizza Peel Roman Style for Baking with Handle 12”, 47”, 59” - Head 9x16”

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Pizza Peel "Rome Style" in aluminum, 9"x16" perforated head, handle 12”, 47", 59"

Pizza Peel "Rome Style" in aluminum, perforated head 9"x16" solid head, handle 23”


Anodised aluminium peel ideal for “pinsa romana” or for “pizza alla pala”.
Size: 9 x 16''

For the pizza “Romana” Gi.Metal recommends to replace wood, commonly used for this kind of peel, with a lightweight, solid, durable and certainly more hygienic material such as anodised aluminium. Neutral anodisation makes the surface of the peel unvarying, protecting it from oxidation, as well as ensuring its incomparable lightness.

The holes reduce the friction, the quantity of flour in excess and the weight of the tool.
The tool is more stable and less subjected to folding, thanks to the special layout of the holes, ensuering to load the heaviest pies.

Standard Features:
Lighter and Solid Version
More Stability
Easy Sliding
Long Lasting
More Hygienic than Wood


Handle: 12", 23", 47", 59"
Head Dimension: 9x16"
Weight: 1.28 Lb to 1.98 Lb


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