RK4400 AMMFG Bagel Equipment 208/240V, 60Hz, 3 Phase | 146" L X 36″ W X 64″ H 6 Oz. Max


Large 6″ wide dough infeed conveyor
Gentle Teflon coated, stainless-steel knife cutting action
Precision lockable, solid-state speed controls
Easy clean-up and maintenance
Simple weight and speed adjustments
One person operation
Portable. Designed with lockable, swivel casters
All stainless-steel cabinet
Teflon coated divider drum
No heat transfer to dough
Cantilevered leg design for quick belt changes
Self cleaning belt scraper


Length: 146″
Width: 36″
Height: 64″
Shipping Weight: 2500 lbs. (2 crates)
Available Set-Ups:
6″cocktail bagel (1 to 1.5 oz)
7″ mini bagel (1.5 to 2 oz)
8″ forming bagel (2 to 3 oz)
9″ standard bagel (3 to 4 oz)
10″ bull bagel (4 to 5 oz)
11″ maxi bagel (5 to 6 oz)


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Increased bagel production rates up tp 11,600 pieces per hour are possible with AM Manufacturing’s model RK4400, dual bank rotary knife divider / former. This completely American-made product is built to last, backed by our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. The unit’s main components, a rotary knife divider and a dual lane former is easy to operate and maintain. The components are connected by a stabilizing bracket, which secures the machine’s alignment and floor position, as well as insuring smooth, consistent performance.


  • 208 or 240 volts / three phase / 60 hertz
  • Overseas voltages are available
  • UL listing applies to the control panel only
  • ETL listing applies to the entire machine