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Correll Inc.

BXBTFR Correll Inc. 42" Height Round Café & Breakroom Tables With 1 1/4” Two Sided Thermal Fused, Cast Iron Base and Top Spider, 3” Diameter Steel Column, X-Base with Nylon Leveling Glides, Cube 1.75, 2.25, 3.15, 4.20, 5.20, Thermal Fused Laminate

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Our line of café and breakroom tables is ideal for restaurant, education, and business uses. These tables will create the ambiance you are looking for in any restaurant setting; be it a café, coffee shop, or al fresco dining area. In school and college settings, we have colorful and durable options to create a high-energy, pleasing dining or lounge environment, and our corporate and business customers know we will work with them to create the perfect space for their employees to eat, relax, recharge, and collaborate.


[1 1/4” two sided thermal fused laminate top and black t-mold.
Cast iron base and top spider.
3” diameter steel column in 29' table height.
All tables come with (1) x-base and column, except 60" comes with (2) cross bases and columns.
Nylon leveling glides.
All metal parts have black textured finish.
Bases and spiders packed together.
Tops and columns are packed separately (3 boxes, min).]


BXB24TFR: 1.75 Cube, 24" Round, 22" X-Base and Column
BXB30TFR: 2.25 Cube, 30" Round, 22" X-Base and Column
BXB36TFR: 3.15 Cube, 36" Round, 30" X-Base and Column
BXB42TFR: 4.20 Cube, 42" Round, 33" X-Base and Column
BXB48TFR: 5.20 Cube, 48" Round, 33" X-Base and Column


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