IN-17F-26F Gi-Metal Stainless Steel Small Pizza Peel for Baking with Neapolitan Style - Handle 59”

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Handle Length
Head Dimension

Aluminum rectangular perforated Napoletana pizza peel head 13", 14", 16", 18", 20”, handle 59”


The Neapolitan small turning peel has been designed to meet the needs of pizza makers who make pizza in the neapolitan style, in traditional neapolitan wood oven that reach 932°F and cook a large number of pizzas. Made entirely of stainless steel, it has increased and optimized thickness to withstand high temperatures and special holes with a circular design to allow the release of flour in excess.
The small peel following the Neapolitan Style:
reinforced head to resist the heat of Neapolitan ovens
entirely made of stainless steel;
holes with a circular design to allow release of flour
customisation of the line name made with laser engraving.


Head Dimensions: 6 3/4", 8", 9", 10"
Handle Length: 59"
Weight: 2.01 Lb to 3.46 Lb


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